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Welcome to SPA ULYSSE

A modern DAY SPA in the heart of Sorrento with our beautiful and appealing Wellness Path, the specialized Massage Centre and the Beauty Salon at the forefront of treatments and technologies: the perfect place to find your wellness and right cares for your beauty.

"Close your eyes and listen to your body just for a moment: do you recall not giving enough importance to your body's signals? To the little discomforts that occasionally come up? The tiredness or irritability that you can't get rid of? The anxiety that sometimes you seem to be unable to control? The days when you wake up without energy or motivation? "

If you can relate to any of these feelings and you think it's time to do something about it but you don't know where to start, come to find out about our philosophy: you will discover a world of relaxation, pampering and gratification, the right place for your well-being.

If you trust us, we can succeed in making you regenerate your body and mind, relax and tone up through our caring attentions and our Beauty Farm well-being treatments; we will offer you that gratifying feeling of refreshing your body and mind and help you cope with everyday life's stress with renewed energy.

At SPA Ulysse everything is designed to make you feel better: the appealing Wellness Rituals, our Massages or the Wellness Programmes.
But with us, even a simple beauty treatment, like a manicure, a pedicure, a depilation, are different from the usual because they are carried out in a welcoming and relaxed environment. In fact, our staff has been trained in hospitality and in taking good care of our guests ensuring they feel good when visiting our centre.

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WINE TREATMENT (ritual for couples)

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SPA couple Wellness Path - weekends & holidays

"An amazing and emotional way to live a SPA relaxation...

Californian Massage

In the early 70s, on the western coast of the United States,...

Relax Day: individual - SPA & Massage - weekends and holidays

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SPA couple Wellness Path - weekdays

"An amazing and emotional way to live a SPA relaxation...


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