Beauty is a combination of interior and exterior qualities, and it is enhanced by the care of one's appearance, the so-called "aesthetic beauty".

We have a high consideration of those who want to feel "good" and who dedicate time taking care of their appearance, whether it's their face, body, hands, feet or skin together with its imperfections.

We are committed every day so that a simple treatment never becomes part of a routine, but always represents a moment to dedicate to yourself, to relax and to feel good. A philosophy of "beauty linked to well-being" that you can only find in a real SPA.

At Ulysse SPA's Beauty Centre, you can choose from many types of Facial or Body Treatments, from trendy manicures and pedicures; you can rely on our expert therapists and at the forefront quality equipment. You can also try the effective Mud and Body Casts Treatments combined with Radiofrequency or the Medical Pressure Therapy to shape your silhouette or to relieve swollen and tired legs.


  • CND SHELLAC, a genuine hybrid UV gel polish

    CND SHELLAC, a genuine...

    Is "SHELLACMANIA" at the Ulysse SPA.We are the first centre in the region to be CND SHELLAC CERTIFIED SALON. Our customers who have tried CND SHELLAC nail varnish, applied...

  • CND VINYLUX the one week lasting nail polish

    CND VINYLUX the one week...

    VINYLUX: THE REINVENTED NAIL POLISHAfter the great success of SHELLAC, the semi-permanent UV power nail polish that lasts more than 15 days, CND has found a solution for...

  • Manicure at the SPA

    Manicure at the SPA

  • Pedicure at the SPA

    Pedicure at the SPA

  • Quality Hair Removal

    Quality Hair Removal

  • LASER Epilation

    LASER Epilation


  • Personalized Facial Cleansing

    Personalized Facial Cleansing

  • Facials SPA Treatments

    Facials SPA Treatments

  • Facials professional CLEANSING

    Facials professional CLEANSING


  • Foot callosity treatments by Calluspeeling MAVEX

    Foot callosity treatments...

    Offered exclusively at ULYSSE SPA, CALLUSPEELING is an original foot treatment that, without using blades, scalpels or cutters, allows you to obtain incredible results in a...

  • Body SPA Treatments

    Body SPA Treatments

  • Lymphatic drainage manual massage, Dr. Vodder's method

    Lymphatic drainage manual...

    Manual Lymphatic drainage massage, Dr. Vodder's method The lymphatic system is similar to the circulatory system and its task is to reach, through the capillaries, all the...

  • Anti-Cellulite Massage

    Anti-Cellulite Massage

    Cellulite is a condition that results from the alteration of the blood microcirculation and it appears as a blemish that makes the skin dimple. This condition mostly...


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SPA couple Wellness Path - weekends & holidays

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SPA individual Full Thermal path - weekend and holidays

Here at SPA ULYSSE, we offer an appealing programme that helps...

"Relax Day" for couple - weekdays

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Anti-stress relaxing Massage

The Anti-stress Relaxing Massage is used not only to eliminate...

Couple Relax Day

An experience to share with your partner, enjoying all the...

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