Our Philosophy

The SPA Ulysse is a charming and relaxing place, an oasis nestled in the heart of Sorrento, where the concept of Wellness is enhanced and becomes reality.

The scents, the sounds, the colors, the herbal infusions and the expert hands of the therapists stimulate the senses in a delicate and balanced way, offering our guests an excellent state of unforgettable harmony and satisfaction.

Our philosophy has been designed to stimulate, to encourage and to help people recover a state of psychophysical well-being, to rediscover a more human-like dimension and to satisfy the needs of relaxation and keeping fitt, necessary to improve the general state of health.

A project dedicated to wellness, where everything has been designed to induce the guest to relax:
from the comfort of easily parking the car in our large secure car park lot situated at the top of the building, to the easily accessible lift between the different levels of the SPA; from the comfort of the tidy changing rooms, equipped with showers, personal lockers, hair dryers and large mirrors, to the calming background music throughout the entire SPA.
An environment designed with care and attention to detail, that incorporates accurate but essential furniture to assist relaxation and a specific room layout allowing the guests to easily move in total privacy.

A small world apart without any kind of interference with the outdoor environment and everyday life, gently rejected by the relaxing musicality and the calm and quiet atmosphere, resulting from the choice of hosting only a limited amount of guests simultaneously.

A variety of treatments that helps make those who visit the SPA Ulysse live a special and fulfilling experience, where the guests are truly at the heart of our work.
They are assisted and accompanied by a kind and accurate Staff, the true soul of the ULYSSE SPA, whose only mission is to act in the name of a single philosophy that we like to summarize in these simple but significant words:

"our satisfaction will be your smile, the one that comes from the memory of pleasure".

SPA: Salus Per Aquam

Here at the SPA Ulysse, the concept of Salus Per Aquam (health through water) is applied unconditionally as we use the beneficial properties of water in each field (sports, recreational, relaxation, therapeutic) and we make it available to all our guests who can easily use it to heal, relax and regenerate from everyday life stress

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