The Candle massage - 45'

The Candle massage - 45'

The Candle massage is a fascinating wellness ritual characterized by the use of a special candle made with natural oils and butters, flavored with pleasant essences that, once melted by the heat of the flame, are spread on the body in order to ease the specific massage maneuvers.

The candle's captivating aromas and the feelings generated by the touch of the warm mixture on the skin, create a state of well-being that stimulates positively all senses.

The performing manual skill of our masseuses and the heat from the oils and the butters effectively relax the muscles and increase the ideal absorption of the active ingredients contained in them.

Available in different fragrances of your choice, the Candle Massage is a complete body treatment, highly stress-relieving, that combines the benefits of a long, intense and relaxing massage with those that the skin receives from the strong moisturizing and nourishing power of the mixture of natural oils of which the candle is composed.

Duration: 45 mins
€ 70,00

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