Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Cellulite is a condition that results from the alteration of the blood microcirculation and it appears as a blemish that makes the skin dimple.
This condition mostly affects women, due to their hormones that generate, in a more noticeable way, the fluid retention and the fat accumulation, in particular on gluteus muscles, hips and thighs.

A good anti-cellulite massage is performed by expert therapists, selected by us on the basis of experience and skills, that use a series of manual techniques such as kneading, skimming, pinching, traction, pressure and percussion.

These methods are wisely alternated to stimulate blood, venous and lymphatic flow and to act on the nerve endings resulting in muscle warming.
This encourages the mobilization of subcutaneous fat deposits and the elimination of toxins.

The Anti-Cellulite Massage lasts approximately 45 minutes, at the end of which, thanks to the effects of the treatment, you will feel a strong need to expel the excess fluids and the toxins in your body.

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