Reiki Treatment - 1h. session

Reiki Treatment - 1h. session

Reiki is an ancient Japanese meditation art based on the total Energy Rebalancing.

During the Reiki session, the therapist is able to identify the causes of physical and psychological blocks that affect the well-being of the body.
The energy, through the therapist's hands, tends to flow spontaneously into the recipient, where it is needed the most.
The therapist aims to remove the blocks by educating or re-educating the body in the activation of its natural healing procedures.

Other than physical advantages, the psychic and mental health also will benefit from the Reiki treatment, which is likely to relax and cheer up the person.

Reiki has no contraindications and it's an excellent adjuvant in therapies and treatments of traditional or natural medicine.


Duration: 1 hour
€ 70,00

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