Lymphatic drainage massage - 45'

Lymphatic drainage massage - 45'

The lymphatic system is similar to the circulatory system and its task is to reach, through the capillaries, all the cells of our body.
The main element is the "Lymph", a liquid made of plasma and white blood cells that, flowing in the lymphatic system, drains the liquid deposits and collects all the toxins accumulated daily by our body, thus leaving them flow through the blood that will, then, expel them through the specific internal organs.

In the circulatory system the blood flows thanks to the heart's pumping, whilst in the lymphatic system the flow of the lymph relies on the contraction of the muscles that triggers the pressing of the vessels.
When, for reasons such as excessive accumulation of liquids, sedentary lifestyle, bad diet, etc., the flow of the lymph slows down and illnesses can occur, for example tissue degeneration and edema, which often can be very painful. In other words, localized swelling and cellulite appear.

The LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE aims at reactivating the functionality of the lymphatic system ensuring the flow's constant speed and the removal of stagnations.
The result is the reduction of unpleasant localized imperfections.

This massage is highly recommended for those who suffer from cellulite caused by fluid retention and swelling problems rather than fat accumulation.

The ULYSSE SPA's lymphatic drainage technique is the one conceived by Dr. Vodder after years of theoretical and experimental studies.
The massage is performed by our highly experienced and qualified personnel.
The lymphatic vessels are very delicate, therefore, a specific technique is required: one that does not involve the use of strength but slow, regular and harmonic movements; one aimed at recreating the moisture balance in the tissues.
The correct drainage of the lymph depends entirely on the manual movements that no electronic device can replace.

The advantages of the lymphatic drainage massage are:
- a complete and immediate regeneration of the tissues;
- a lasting effect of the edema's reduction and the relief of pain;
- the rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system and an all round psychophysical relaxation;
- an enhancement of the body's own immune defence system, since massaging the lymph nodes stimulates the emission of the immunity cells, that pass into the lymph, hence into the blood, increasing our resistance to infections.


Duration: 45'
€ 55,00

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