Foot callosity treatments by Calluspeeling MAVEX

Foot callosity treatments by Calluspeeling MAVEX

Offered exclusively at ULYSSE SPA, CALLUSPEELING is an original foot treatment that, without using blades, scalpels or cutters, allows you to obtain incredible results in a single session.

This medical treatment, guaranteed by MAVEX (a Swiss pharmaceutical company located in over 30 countries worldwide), gets completely rid of callosities, calluses (the hard skin) and rhagades.
These, besides causing discomfort and pain, generate a feeling of embarrassment when exposing one's foot.

CALLUSPEELING is a true, pleasant and relaxing beauty treatment, which gives your feet a new splendor and an extraordinary softness.
The results are obtained through an intensively protective, anti-fatigue and antibacterial activity for the blood vessels.
It guarantees a deep hydration, stimulates circulation and reactivates cellular metabolism.

The treatment should then continue, if you wish, with self-care at home, by applying a specific daily cream that helps keep your feet well hydrated, protected and soft, preventing the formation of callosities and fissures, thus, keeping your feet always healthy and perfect.

This product is made from a synergic complex of mountain herbs extracts, including Gentian, Blueberry and Red Spruce. It contains no chemicals, added preservatives, mineral oils or paraffin.

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