Ayurvedic Massage session - 1h.

Ayurvedic Massage session - 1h.

The Ayurveda has Indian origins and means "the science of life".

This discipline aims to achieve and maintain a good physical and mental condition.

The Ayurvedic Massage applies the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and his objective in particular is to help relieve from stress and tensions by working to restore the balance between mind and body.

The beneficial effects are quantifiable in the activation of blood and lymphatic circulation, which favors the nourishment of all tissues, the beneficial action on the spine and the toning of the muscular system; moreover, it generates positive effects on the psychological state of the person, facilitating the rebalancing of the hormonal levels and improving the exchange of body fluids that result in a more effective elimination of toxins.

The Ayurvedic Massage carries out a tangible action on the nervous system (it is able to calm or stimulate the nerves through the use of different techniques that are efficient against all disorders linked to tension, anxiety and irritability) by inducing positive effects on insomnia, migraine and tiredness.
It is also effective for dislocations, contractures, sprains, tendinitis, muscular strains, limb edema and cramps and has beneficial effects also on pregnant women, by relieving back pains and facilitating circulation.

Our Therapist is a graduate of the Ayurveda Academy and specializes in Ayurvedic Massage.

Duration: minimum 1 hr.
€ 70,00

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