Hot Stone Massage - 1h.

Hot Stone Massage - 1h.

Since ancient times, civilizations and cultures have always relied on, for medical and therapeutic purposes and the elimination of negative energy vibes, on the heated stones that were pressed on the painful area.

From the subsequent combination of body massage and heated stones born the "Hot Stone Massage": a real therapeutic and relaxing treatment.

It consists of applying smooth volcanic stones to the body which, heated in hot water, slowly release the accumulated heat, helping to dissolve muscle stiffness thanks also to the maneuvers of the massage with warm and fragrant essential oils.

This particular and very pleasant massage effectively improves joint mobility and relieves tension in the spine, which is considered the main cause of back pains.
Furthermore, the action of the massage relieves lymphatic deposits, improves liquid retention and affects positively the arterial circulation, as well as improving venous return.
It helps detoxify the body and unblock metabolic exchanges, as well as having positive beauty effects when smoothing and relaxing the skin.
Not to mention the benefits on the mood and on the well-being of the soul, to which one does not give enough importance.

The Hot Stone technique, thanks to the pleasant warmth emanated from the stones, provides an intense feeling of well-being and relaxation in addition an increasing sensitivity towards one's body, helping you acquire greater awareness of it.

Duration: 1hr
€ 70,00

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