Facial Massage - 30'

Facial Massage - 30'

Facial It is a very pleasant and relaxing massage that helps relieve from the signs of stress (emotive stress or exposure to heat or cold) and daily tiredness.

It is performed using moisturizing creams that, besides nourishing and rehydrating the epidermis, facilitate the ease of the movements on the face. It consists of a set of skimming, kneading and rubbing maneuvers that reactivate the micro-circulation, hydrate and tone up the skin.

The facial skin, when constantly and regularly massaged, becomes smoother and brighter, appearing healthier and younger, thanks to specific maneuvers that effectively stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.
These are the heart of the natural elasticity of the skin: they reduce the formation of wrinkles and slower the face's advancing of age.

For these reasons, here at the ULYSSE SPA, we recommend having Facial Massages regularly, so that the most exposed part of your body, the one that is mostly subject to aging damages, maintains a state of optimal well-being, revealing itself luminous and by, consequently, improving your state of mind and self-esteem.

Duration: 30 mins
€ 40,00

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