Aromatherapy massage - 45'

Aromatherapy massage - 45'

The Aromatherapy Massage combines the knowledge of the typical massage techniques with the power of the Essential Oils.

The therapist performing this kind of massage works with a natural, loving predisposition towards the guests.
The therapist will use basic vegetable oils that ease the maneuvers and facilitate the penetration of essential oils, increasing their effectiveness.

The essential oils are recommended by aroma therapists from all over the world as they are a special mean to well-being. Their use contributes, in the most simple, natural and useful way, to support the body's natural defenses.

The Aromatherapy Massage has a positive effect on blood and lymphatic circulation.
The essential vegetable oils nourish the skin, making it younger and more elastic, promoting the cellular and tissue regeneration. Furthermore, like any other massage, the Aromatherapy one stimulates and strengthens the immune system; it fights against free radicals and promotes the natural release of toxins, loosening anxieties, emotional and physical tensions located in muscles, joints or internal organs.

The Aromatherapy Massage should be experienced having an adequate time availability, both before and after the session.
Before the massage, it would also be ideal to purify your body through a Turkish bath or sauna session and/or relax your body through the beneficial effects of the thermal bath's hot water.

Duration: 45 mins
€ 55,00

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